library bookHaving not crocheted for very many years it was quite daunting to start again as I had no idea if I’d remember how to do the basics. It’s just a hook and yarn but remembering how to do the basics did seem daunting at the time as did figuring out what some of the pattern terminology meant.

more local choiceNot only that I didn’t even have any of the paraphernalia needed to start a project.
lots available locally

Thankfully our High Street in Stony Stratford has a treasure trove of stores with a variety of what’s needed to start.

A quick search online I found some quality goodies with  everything I need to start   customer reviews in a variety of places as well. What a bonus.

I wasn’t particularly looking for a crochet project it was just when I bought my wool I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it.

Online ideas for beginners crochet

While looking online I found so many projects for people starting out in crochet for beginners. There are so many delightful kits available from a variety of online sites that include all the things you could possibly need (wool and hooks etc). There are patterns to please for everyone from amiguri or little creatures to simple hats and scarves.

Looking at the reviews it’s great to see the discussions and support people tackling the kits are giving each other as well as the help they get from the sellers of the kits as well.

Star Wars crochet kitI couldn’t resist a Star Wars themed kit while I was looking for crochet hooks and other kit and my brother and his son were thrilled with their little home made items.

The support with these kits is amazing and a lot of them have tutorials online as well for just in case the pattern instructions weren’t clear enough.

two completed items from the kit

More traditional learning

For those that are not into looking for information online, I found so much inspiration for a variety of crafts in my local library and the charity shop in our High Street.

There are of course all the magazines available in many stores for knitting or crochet or a combination. A lot of these magazines come with patterns and ideas as well as kits for a variety of items to try.

magazine choices

Many times these are themed around the time of the year so all sorts of goodies for holidays as well as spring, winter, summer and spring.

There are patterns and ideas and how to’s which are really great as well as Q & A’s and loads and loads of advice and ideas.

Free lessons on how to do the basics

There are free lessons online for anyone who has the time to dedicate. Just googling will bring up websites with the basics written out with lovely pictures or if you prefer there are plenty of videos out there too.

If you’re not into the online type of thing I highly recommend your library as a  free resource as they seem to have so much to offer from beginners topics right through to more advanced projects.

available books

A lot of the online content is very informative and helpful and if you contact the authors they are more than willing to engage with you and answer any queries which is really great.

As I’ve mentioned already, magazines although not free, have very valuable resources for beginners and will have tutorials online for most of their printed patterns.

I would highly recommend going with more simple items like learning a variety of stitches doing granny squares which can be easily sewn or crocheted together to make into a knee rug, cushion cover, or for those that are more ambitious, a bed spread.

There are also magazine subscriptions which start at the very beginning teach the basics with the use of granny squares that then progress to more advanced stuff even adding wonderful bits like flowers to embellish with.

I love these styles of magazines as you get binders along the way as well which normally have divisions to put the various styles of patterns and they also send a variety of hooks and yarn with each subscription as well depending on what is needed for the lessons coming up.

There are just so many places and ideas to choose from for all levels of beginner I don’t doubt you’ll have any problems finding a project and getting all the help you need with it.

Beyond the Basics for beginners

With so much learning content and support out there it’s really easy to progress quickly. I recommend going with the variety of online and printed magazines especially as they almost always have new projects available and doing those is one of the best ways to learn. They teach you all the basics in the magazines and often have online content and videos to support the printed materials.

Most of the magazines also have FaceBook or Instagram pages where you can ask questions and I’ve found them to be more than helpful as have a lot of the subscribers. The support is amazing. I have seen some areas advertise a knitting and crochet club as well. I’ve seen our library hosts one every fortnight where the people get together with their projects for a cup of tea. It’s a wonderful way to learn and to meet new people too.

I’m by no means an expert at crochet and only know the basics but I’m learning as I go and love the process.

If you need any help then by all means contact me and I’ll see what I can do to help you.

As I’m learning I’ll be adding content to my site with regards reading and writing your own patterns as I’m learning this currently as I have a few ideas of patterns I’d like to create for myself and friends and family.

If you have any suggestions of topics you’d like me to look into and cover please let me know and I’m sure I’ll be able to fit it in.

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