When I decided to start knitting again a few months ago, I had to start from the beginning buying all the standard kit that I would need. This in itself was rather daunting. Thank goodness for local wool shops and online stores including Amazon.

It all started when I spotted some wool and decided it would make something lovely. The important word being something. I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to make I just loved the colors and feel of the wool. I had no idea what size needles I would need or if I even wanted to knit or crochet and if it would be for myself or someone else.

I wasn’t even sure if I could remember the basics. It was quiet nerve wracking and very very exciting.

How I chose my knitting project

I popped into my local library and found a treasure trove of knitting and other craft books that had so many ideas for knitting projects for beginners and more advanced knitters but I still wasn’t sure what I wanted do so I headed to the High Street in Stony Stratford (I really love our high street it has so much to offer) and popped into the Charity Book store. There they also had a delightful array of books available but nothing really suitable for beginners.

Stony Stratford LibraryCharity Book shop

I decided to call it a day and go home and hopped onto my PC and googled. Gotta love Google and what you can find, there really is something for everyone.

I started with the name of the wool I had purchased as I was sure they would have knitting patterns intended for that specific wool which they did but they were a little too complicated for me and I wasn’t really into trying an actual pullover.

By this stage I had decided I’d like to make a poncho or a shawl and had seen pictures with a poncho with a lovely cowl neck but there wasn’t a pattern just the picture. It was simply a case of doing search after search using different keywords that finally found me a pattern similar to what I was looking for.

Getting the project started

my current projectI know had a pattern, the wool and a variety of knitting needles along with some other paraphanalia that I might need. The only thing stopping me from starting my new knitting project, was the worry I wouldn’t be able to complete it because I didn’t understand the pattern and the stitches seemed terribly complicated for me.

The one I had decided I really liked had an almost lacey stitch and some cabling which is not really suitable for a beginner project but that’s just like me to choose something that complicated as a starting point.

I googled the various stitches needed for the project and found some great free tutorials. Some were written with lovely pictures and others were you tube based and all really helped to explain the various stitches I was worried about.

my current project

I then spent a little time practicing each element of the pattern the              lacey bits, the ribbing  and the cabling as well. Once I was comfortable I started the project and am really enjoying knitting my poncho.

What you should be looking for …

If you are a true beginner I would highly recommend looking for basic tutorials that cover all the basic stitches from casting on to a couple of simple stitches and then projects like scarves and blankets that are fairly easy to do.

Inspiring magazinesEven better would be to go for a magazine subscription that comes with patterns, wool and equipment as they will also have tutorials explaining the stitches included.

There are some really great craft magazines out there to choose from. Not only paper magazines, more inspiring magsthere are plenty of online magazines where you can buy a kit including the pattern, wool and equipment needed and they provide tutorials for the varied stitches required for the pattern.

I feel that trying a variety of stitches and knitting squares or other shapes that can later be sewn (knitted or crocheted) together into a really nice creative knee blanket or even cushion covers is a great idea too.

The progression

Once you feel more comfortable with the basic stitches look for variations on those stitches and build on them that way then start adding slightly more complicated shaping patterns like shawls and ponchos. There are plenty of free knitting patterns for beginners teaching how to do fun things like shawls, cowls and even socks.

Find some fun wool for more inspiration and have a look at the recommended patterns to bring out the best in the self striping effects or different thicknesses and variations in types of wool and cottons in the new yarns available.

So many of the yarn manufacturers have introduced the most delightful combinations with patterns aimed to please. These range from free patterns for beginners through to more advanced knitters to some really complicated and not so free patterns too.

Planning your projects

It’s really easy to get over whelmed when you first start as there are so many tempting wools and free beginner patterns. Deciding what you want to make and learning to do the stitches is a process that can’t be rushed. I can only encourage you to take your time to learn the stitches required and enjoy the process.

There are many people out there that have discovered the joy of knitting and have found just how gratifying it is to complete a project whether for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

I can’t think of a better gift to give than something that you have taken the time to make for someone. It’s far better than any bought gift will ever be.

Don’t hesitate to contact the pattern creators if you need help as I have always found them to be most helpful in explaining anything you don’t understand. There are also a good deal of online knitting communities out there and they are all really helpful and don’t judge if you have questions.

I am in no way an expert knitter and take forever to do my projects. If you require any help with a knitting pattern please don’t hesitate to contact me through the comments section on this post and I’ll do my best to help.

Enjoy your projects, and let me know how your’e going.

4 thoughts on “Choosing a knitting project”

  1. Finding the right knitting project is really hard because for example my wife has bought probably 30 various rolls of wool for knitting but only has a few projects complete.

    Now a lot of this has to do with time, but again some of it has to do with just not finding the right projects. To find the projects she has completed she actually used Pinterest because normally you can find tutorials along with the pins and stuff like that.

    I’m amazed at the amount of patience it takes to do knitting, but from what I understand it can actually be a very relaxing hobby!

    1. Hi Josh, thank you for your comment.  Chosing a project and the right wool can be very time consuming but it’s part of the process just as much as the actual task of knitting.  It is very very relaxing and I’d encourage you to try it. What I can suggest with lots of different balls of wool, would be to perhaps learn to crochet and make them into granny squares. Crochet is very easy to teach kids too and the squares would give them something to do in the holidays. My girls learned from little and enjoy knitting and crochet too. If you need any help or advice don’t hesitate to ask.

  2. Hi Lee Aan.
    I have read your post as I am interested in a knitting project. You have described your experience and said details about knitting. You have mentioned very clearly why one should choose a knitting project. This is a very important post for those who are interested in a knitting project. So I am gonna share this post.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Hi there, thank you for leaving a comment it’s most appreciated.  If you need any help or advice or if you can think of a post that would help you please let me know and I can work on something for you.

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